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Visit Soda Clean’s new powder coating shop

We have expanded our business to provide powder coating services at our shop in Newark, Ohio. Powder coating provides a very smooth surface that is harder than paint. We can powder coat your auto frame, rims, auto parts, patio furniture and many other metal items in virtually any color you choose.

We media blast your metal items in our Worthington spray booth and bring them to Newark for powder coating in your choice of custom colors. Stop in to talk to Kaycie about your powder coating needs, call 740-334-1624 or email [email protected].

Classic car – 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Especially during these difficult times, we are grateful for customers like the owner of this classic car who entrusted it to us to remove paint and rust without warping or other damage so that it can be repainted.

This is the second car we have stripped for this customer. We think it turned out really well, and we’re looking forward to seeing it when it’s completely restored.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am before blasting
1977 Pontiac Trans Am before soda blasting
1977 Pontiac Trans Am after soda blasting
1977 Pontiac Trans Am after soda blasting is complete.

Camaro prepped for re-painting

Here’s some before and after shots of a recent job we did for Jack Maxton Chevrolet’s body shop. We used baking soda to remove paint, dirt and rust from this Camaro, leaving an extremely smooth surface that is a great base for a high quality paint job.

Left side before soda blasting
Left side after removal of paint and rust
Camaro rear before soda blasting
Rear of Camaro after soda blasting
Right side before soda blasting
Rght side of Camaro, ready for repainting

Aircraft or quarter midget frames cleaned for restoration

We have soda blasted the frames of some unusual vehicles recently for owners who were preparing them for rebuilding and restoration. Heavenbound Aviation brought us the frame of a type certified 1946 Piper J3 Cub for removal of paint and rust. Once the bare metal is exposed, the frame can be inspected and repainted, extending the life of the aircraft.

Below is the chassis of a Quarter Midget race car, before and after soda blasting. It is being restored by GT Body Shop in Pataskala, Ohio. It took our techs about 2 hours to remove the black powder coating finish that you see in the photo on the left. When we were finished (right), the chassis was ready to be painted and to have the body panels replaced.

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Soda clean a whole car or just parts


Dashboard from a 1950s era SCCA-style race car. Half (yellow side) has been soda cleaned.


Many of our customers bring us parts from cars, trucks, cycles and other vehicles to have paint, rust and other contaminants removed.  Once the parts – fenders, doors, hoods, rims, engine parts, or dashboards as shown here – are cleaned, they are ready for restoration to continue.

The photos show a dashboard from a 1950s era SCCA-style race car that we cleaned for Elite Fab & Machine, owned by Ron Mong, in Hilliard. They are restoring the car for an antique auto collector.

Closeup of partially-cleaned race car dashboard
Closeup of partially-cleaned race car dashboard.

Don’t replace a stained concrete driveway; clean it with soda blasting

Driveway partially blasted
A car caught fire on this driveway; the intense heat left extensive discoloring. The rear half of the drive has been blasted; the front half has not yet been treated. The driveway’s appearance is much improved, but because discoloration caused by heat penetrates below the concrete’s surface, some staining is left behind after blasting. It can be completely removed only by removing a small amount (perhaps 1/16″ – 1/8″) of the concrete’s surface. At this point, it is up to the customer whether or not we take this next step.










Before you go to the expense and trouble of removing a damaged concrete driveway, consider soda blasting instead. Soda blasting effectively removes oil, grease, rust, sealer and heat discoloration from concrete driveways.

If a driveway’s sealant is worn away in spots and needs to be re-applied, soda blasting can remove the remaining sealant so that re-sealing can be done without the discoloration that can occur if new sealer is applied over old.

Most stains—such as oil, grease and rust—are on the concrete’s surface and can be removed without damage to the concrete. However, the intense heat from a fire can cause discoloration to penetrate below the surface. Removing this discoloration requires removing the stained concrete.

The photo above shows a driveway on which a car caught fire.  Soda blasting is underway. Compare the blackened untreated area with the completed area closer to the house. The appearance is much improved, but there is still a “shadow” on the surface.

If the customer wishes, the driveway can be blasted again to remove about 1/16″ to 1/8″ of the concrete’s surface and the remainder of the staining.  The driveway below is undergoing that process. The right side is complete.

After soda blasting removed most discoloration from this driveway after a vehicle fire (see left side of driveway), the customer decided to remove the remaining discoloration that had penetrated the concrete’s surface. We are in the process of blasting the entire drive so it will have a uniform appearance. The right side of the drive is complete.









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How soda blasting works to restore buildings after fire

Soda Clean technician removes smoke residue from barn rafters after a fire.
Soda Clean technician removes smoke residue from barn rafters after a fire.

Once a burned building has been cleared of salvageable possessions and ruined drywall, carpet and furnishings, it’s time to remove fire and smoke residue from the building’s remaining structure. It’s time for soda cleaning.

Soda cleaning–also called soda blasting–removes the greasy smoke residue, char and the fire’s unpleasant odor from walls, ceilings, floors and substructure. It is effective without damage to a wide variety of surfaces:

•  wood
•  stone
•  brick
•  concrete
•  ceramic tile
•  metal

Soda is the only media that can remove the odor left behind after a fire.

Baking soda is environmentally friendly.  It can be dissolved in fresh water, leaving only the contaminants for disposal.  In most non-hazardous applications, the residue from soda cleaning can be rinsed into sanitary drains or sewers. Soda is an excellent de-greasing media that eliminates the use of solvents in most cleaning processes.  It does not “dissolve” grease and oil but coats the particles, causing them to release from the surface.

Soda cleaning is most effective when all unsalvageable materials, including most duct work and wiring, have been removed so that we have the best possible access to the surfaces that will remain.

When the soda cleaning process is complete and the remaining soda has been removed, clean surfaces are ready for new paint, drywall, flooring, etc.

Soda Clean of Ohio has 14 years of experience working with fire restoration professionals to provide expert cleaning of a building’s salvageable materials so that restoration can begin.  Contact us today for a free estimate:  614-781-9667 or [email protected].