Wood Restoration

We used crushed corn cob on this home to remove paint and accumulated dirt to restore the wood.

We can restore many wood surfaces to a nearly-new look. 

Not all wood can be soda cleaned, but we have experience in restoring many types of hardwood surfaces.

For example, we clean wood beams and other interior surfaces in older buildings that are being prepared for a new use, like the building in New Paris, Indiana pictured below.

Restoring wood in a historic building being refurbished for a new use
In this historic building undergoing renovation, you can clearly see the difference between the cleaned beams on the left and those yet to be done on the right.

Soda cleaning can restore the appearance of stained, weathered wood such as this fence.

Fence before and after cleaning
This close-up shows the striking difference in a wood fence before and after soda cleaning.

It is also possible to remove paint from some wood surfaces, depending on the hardness of the wood.  Contact us and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

Painted wood fence in need of stripping and repainting
Apartment complex fence needing repainting, before soda cleaning
Apartment complex fence after removal of dirt and paint
The fence is now clean of accumulated dirt and paint and is ready to be repainted.
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