Fire and Smoke Restoration

See the dramatic difference soda cleaning can make in the fire and smoke restoration process.

Fireplace showing smoke -damaged stone on the left and cleaned stone on the right

Once a burned building has been cleared of salvageable possessions and ruined drywall, carpet and furnishings, it’s time to remove fire and smoke residue from the building’s remaining structure. It’s time for soda cleaning.

Soda cleaning effectively removes greasy smoke residue, char and unpleasant odor from fire-damaged buildings.

  • Inside or outside
  • Walls, ceilings, fireplaces, floors or substructure
  • Effectively cleans wood, brick, concrete, stone, metal or ceramic tile without damage.
  • After soda cleaning, you’re ready for rebuilding to begin.

Compare the highest barn rafter in the photo below with the cleaned rafters below it to see the dramatic difference soda cleaning makes.

Soda Clean technician removes smoke damage from barn rafters. Fire and smoke restoration is nearly done; almost all rafters were darkened like the ones at the top of the barn.
Soda Clean technician removes smoke damage from barn rafters. This job is almost done; almost all the rafters were darkened by fire like the ones at the top of the barn.

Soda is the only media that can remove the odor left behind after a fire.

Baking soda is environmentally friendly.  It can be dissolved in fresh water, leaving only the contaminants for disposal.  In most non-hazardous applications, the residue from soda cleaning can be rinsed into sanitary drains or sewers.

Exterior wall of log home damaged by fire, in process of smoke damage removal. Top two logs have not yet been soda blasted.
Our technician is using soda blasting to remove fire damage from this log home in Honey Creek, Ohio. Soda does an excellent job of removing the heavy smoke residue and char left after a fire.
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Soda is also an excellent de-greasing media that eliminates the use of solvents in most cleaning processes.  It does not “dissolve” grease and oil but coats the particles, causing them to release from the surface.

The before and after photos below show the results of soda cleaning the exterior of a fire-damaged brick building.

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