Soda cleaning applications

We use blast media appropriate for the surface being cleaned. In this photo, our technician is removing fire damage from barn rafters.

Do you need to . . .??

  • Remove carbon, char and odor after a fire
  • Restore old wood, metal and other surfaces in buildings being re-purposed
  • Remove paint and rust from vehicles & metal structures
  • Remove graffiti
  • Remove paint from virtually any surface
  • Clean oil and grease from engines
  • Clean brick and concrete
  • Strip hardwood
  • Eliminate odor and mold
  • Clean log homes, cedar shakes, fences, decks
  • Clean boat bottoms
  • Remove rust and stains
  • Refurbish stainless steel kitchen equipment
  • Clean conveyor systems
  • Remove layers of grease, paint or other material from equipment or floors

Soda cleaning can do all this and more — without using harsh chemicals and without harming the environment.  It’s a great alternative to sand blasting!

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