Vehicle Parts

Soda cleaning removes paint, rust, carbon and grime from all types of vehicle parts.

Soda Clean customers who are restoring vehicles–from motorcycles to classic cars to Humvees–bring us body and engine parts to clean and restore, leaving them ready to re-paint and/or re-install.

Model A fenders before soda blasting
Model A fenders before soda blasting
Model A fenders after soda blasting removed paint and rust
Kevlar door from a Humvee before paint removal. Kevlar is a stranded material similar to fiberglass. Although Kevlar will stop a bullet, it needs to be handled with care during cleaning to avoid surface damage.
Paint has been removed from the door without damaging the Kevlar or the glass in the window.
Engine Parts
Aluminum motorcycle head before soda blasting
Motorcycle head after soda blasting removed carbon and grime